Overcoming technology boundaries, taking automation further

Zimmer&Kreim demonstrates the new shuttle station in action at the AMB

Processing electrodes and workpieces beyond technological boundaries – this is still a dream of the
future in many businesses today. In this respect, the new shuttle station can be something like the
missing link, which not only overcomes technology boundaries, but also connects production areas
with each other. Zimmer&Kreim presents this pioneering new development at this year’s AMB.
This is the status quo in many businesses in the tool and mould industry: A combination of different tasks requires the use of various technologies. This is a major challenge particularly in small businesses. The start into automation initially seems hardly feasible due to the complexity involved. With the Chameleon, Zimmer&Kreim offers a modular start into automation – individually tailored for any company size.
At this year’s AMB the Brensbach engineering specialist has taken a further consistent step in this direction, enabling with the innovative shuttle station the combination of different technologies in small as well as large contexts. The intelligent hardware unit along with the intelligent job manager makes ensure that different technology cells communicate with each other and share resources. Automation is therefore possible at every development stage – in line with the proven modular principle of Zimmer&Kreim.
The great advantage – different technologies have many things in common: they use the same palettes, tools and data. This offers synergy potentials which have not yet been exploited. The shuttle station and the intelligent job manager connect different cells each with one technology to form an integrated process covering all technologies. “Shuttle station plus intelligent job manager – with this move we have once again taken the leadership in matters of automation”, comments Managing Director Wolfgang Emert on the new development.
“For several years now, we have been offering our customers in the tool and mould industry a modular start into the field of automation. Now it is also a case of linking automated technologies, and thereby achieving a completely new level of economy, efficiency and precision.”
Simply effective
Plenty of effect therefore due to a relatively simple principle. The shuttle station acts as a type of transfer station, where workpieces, palettes, electrodes and also data are transported from one into the next cell. The Chameleon charges the shuttle station in the one cell, before turning in a possible angle of up to 270° around its own axis to pass the part on to the robot of the next cell.

The intelligent job manager, which provides all the process data, ensures that the right part arrives exactly where it is needed at the right time. “The job manager handles the planning and control on the software side”, explains Wolfgang Emert. “It not only plans the perfect cooperation with the Chameleon, but also knows when which part is required in which cell. With this information, the job manager organises the job processing and gets every part on the way at the right time – even the transport and travel times are calculated exactly.” The great advantage: the saving of time and costs. Workpieces, palettes and electrodes can be processed or used for all technologies, the manual changeover between different cells is no longer required, and it enables profitable 24-hour operation without interruptions – for a business of any size.