The 23rd China International Industry Fair, Sep 19-23, 2023- NECC(Shanghai)

The Shanghai Industry Fair has successfully concluded from September
19 to September 23, 2023. At this CIIE, Germany set up a separate
German pavilion for the first time. Its exhibition area is nearly 500 square
meters, which focuses on displaying advanced technologies and high-
quality products in the field of German manufacturing. Our company
exhibited multiple German and Swiss machinery at booth No. 4.1H.

The theme of this industry expo is ” DIGITAL ECONOMY &
INDUSTRIAL DECARBONIZATION”. The exhibition covers the latest
technology equipment and industry development in the entire industry
chain such as basic materials, basic parts (components), complete
machine equipment, and overall solutions.

After After three years, it returned to NECC(Shanghai)again, and the scale of
exhibitions also reached a record high. More than 2,800 companies from
30 countries and regions around the world participated in the exhibition,
covering the entire industry chain from basic materials and basic parts
(components) to complete machine equipment and overall solutions.

The proportion of international brands participating in the exhibition has
increased to 30%, including not only traditional manufacturing powers
such as Germany, Japan, and Italy, but also “Belt and Road” countries
participating in the exhibition for the first time, such as Kazakhstan,
Azerbaijan, and Cuba.