International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress & Exhibition 2023
(FCVC 2023) – Shanghai, China
Come visit us at booth B01-1

Jointly organized by the IHFCA and China SAE, the International
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress (FCVC) is the premier international
summit for the hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) and auto industries. Since its
launch in 2016, this annual Congress has seen growing influence and
brought together global business leaders and technology developers at
the vanguard of HFC innovation and sustainable transportation.
International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress 2023 (FCVC) will be
held during July 5-7, 2023 in Shanghai, China

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Deploying to seize the hydrogen energy “track”

In the Beijing Winter Olympic Committee in 2022, more than 1,000
hydrogen energy vehicles will be in operation, and more than 30
hydrogen refueling stations will be equipped at the same time. This is
definitely the world’s largest demonstration of fuel cell vehicles.
From January to December 2022, the production and sales of hydrogen
fuel cell vehicles in China have completed 3626 units and 3367 units
respectively, an increase of 105.4% and 112.8% respectively. As of mid-
2022 statistics, China has built a total of 296 hydrogen refueling stations,
and is expected to exceed 340 in 2022. seat. With the rapid growth of the
number and filling capacity of hydrogen refueling stations, the problem of
hydrogen refueling difficulties has been alleviated, which is conducive to
the popularization of hydrogen fuel vehicles.
Compared with pure electric vehicles, hydrogen energy vehicles have a
long battery life, fast hydrogen refueling, and no mileage anxiety.
Compared with fuel vehicles, hydrogen energy vehicles are cleaner and

more environmentally friendly. As long as large-scale mass production is
followed, the high R&D costs and production costs can be shared, and
there is huge room for future development.