ProJet™ 1000 Personal 3D Printer Success at Fuse

Fuse is a world class industrial design company that specializes in content creation from concept through development, engineering and production.

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“The Projet 1000 makes great parts! On project after project
that requires an evaluation model, the ProJet meets our needs.The parts have great material properties that work for the kinds of design evaluation and testing we’re doing to quickly move projects through the product development process. The greatest benefit was its affordability. We really needed a 3D printing solution that made good economic sense and the ProJet 1000 absolutely delivered.”

Tory Orzeck
President and Creative Director
Portland, OR

Fuse has multiple projects lined up that require concept evaluation and design review. They were in search for an affordable 3D printing solution to replace timing consuming and costly outsourcing of prototypes. The ProJet 1000 met their needs and provided the high quality models they use on all of their projects to quickly evaluate designs for their clients.
Reasons for choosing Projet 1000/1500:
• High quality models with excellent feature detail
• Durable plastic parts that stand up to testing
• Affordable 3D printing solution